Kinley Tshering

Creative Director


Kinley Tshering is a highly accomplished media professional, creative director, and writer with extensive experience in various areas of media and journalism. With an M.A in Convergent Journalism (Multimedia) from the prestigious AJK Mass Communication and Research Center (MCRC) in New Delhi, India, Kinley has honed his skills and knowledge to excel in the field of media.

As a media veteran, Kinley has held various key positions throughout his career. He is currently the Creative Director of Samuh Mediatech and also serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Film Association of Bhutan and Board of Directors for the Journalist Association of Bhutan (JAB). Kinley’s employment history includes working as a Managing Partner for Zoom Out Production (Multimedia Consulting Film), Editor-in-chief for Business Bhutan Newspaper, and Creative and Research Director for Mediamax (Production and research house), among other notable positions.

In addition to his impressive professional experience, Kinley is also an accomplished writer and has written several screenplays, including Zukee, Jarawa, and more. He has also demonstrated his expertise in research and consulting, as well as in publications. Kinley’s outstanding contributions to journalism and media have been recognized with several awards, including the Best Editor of the Year at the Annual Journalism Award in 2017 and the Best Essay in a National Level Competition in 1999. Kinley Tshering’s passion, talent, and expertise have enabled him to make significant contributions to the media industry in Bhutan and beyond.