Tashi Dhendup

Executive Director


Tashi Dendup is a highly motivated and accomplished professional currently serving as the Executive Director of the Film Association of Bhutan. He has a wide range of experiences in various areas of social and community development.

Tashi Dendup graduated from Royal Thimphu College, where he specialized in English and Dzongkha studies. He has since gone on to become a trainer in social accountability for Bhutan Transparency Initiatives, working in Bumthang and Thimphu. He has also worked as a Kidu Coordinator for Research for Kidu destitute under Gyalpoi Zimpoen Wom, demonstrating his commitment to community development and youth empowerment. In addition to his impressive professional achievements, Tashi Dendup has also contributed to the field of writing. He has written the 50 Years of Royal Audit Authority Celebration Book in 2020, showcasing his ability to produce high-quality publications. Tashi Dendup has also worked as a Photo Documenter for UNICEF in Thimphu in 2010, where he demonstrated his keen eye for capturing meaningful images.

Tashi Dendup’s commitment to volunteerism is also noteworthy. He has served on the School Administer Committee and further volunteered during Coronation in 2008, demonstrating his dedication to contributing to the community and supporting important events.

Tashi Dendup is a highly motivated and accomplished professional with a passion for community development and a commitment to contributing to the betterment of Bhutanese society. His diverse experiences and skill set make him an asset to any organization, and his dedication to volunteerism and social accountability set him apart as a true leader in his field.