Upasana Dahal

Board of Trustees


Ms. Upasana Dahal is a highly accomplished professional photographer, production manager, line producer, cinematographer, video editor, and a professional public relations officer. She holds a Master’s degree in Communication from SNDT University, Pune, India, which has provided her with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in her field.

Over the years, Ms. Dahal has gained extensive experience working in various industries, including media, teaching, and research. She has traveled to 22 countries with her work-related projects, allowing her to expand her skills and expertise in different cultural contexts. Ms. Dahal’s exceptional skills in photography, video production, and editing have enabled her to work on numerous high-profile projects, such as documentaries, films and radio. She has also worked as a production manager and line producer, overseeing the entire production process from start to finish.

As a professional public relations officer, Ms. Dahal has been responsible for managing the communication and public image of numerous organizations. Her exceptional communication skills and understanding of the media have enabled her to build strong relationships with journalists and other media professionals. Ms. Dahal’s passion for teaching and research has also led her to teach courses on media and communication at various universities. Her expertise in these fields has enabled her to contribute to several research projects and publications.

In summary, Ms. Upasana Dahal is a highly accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in various fields. Her skills in photography, video production, and editing, as well as her understanding of media and communication, make her a valuable asset to any organization.